Enclosed Hoods

Enclosed hoods represent the synthesis of 30 years of experience.

They find their applications on multi-cylinders paper machines where energy saving, sound insulation maintenance functionality and lifespan are vey important.

Built with large use of anti-corrosion materials, they combine sealing efficiency with disassembling easiness.

Every project is carefully designed by our technical staff, composed of engineers with a wide experience, considering the type of paper machine and interacting to the costumer and to the machine constructor to obtain better results.

The thermal efficiency of our hoods represents a strength of our product, wich allows it to reach the top of quality standards.

The excellence is confirmed by the high energetic performance of all our installations.

The hood frame is optimized to integrate all ventilation systems, always required on the up-to-date machines.

There are no obstructions along the side of doors, therefore, when they are lifted, the passage is completely free.

External panels are designed to allow an easy assembling and disassembling of fabrics and rolls.

The hood frame of Lario Energy is mainly composed of heated tubular bars to prevent condensation.

The great modularity of the hood allows to insert accesses for walkways, passages for components pulling out and mobile panels for maintenance.

Every components of hood frame is realized with proper material in order to prevent corrosion: stainless steel and aluminium are largely used.

Moist air extraction systems and air handling systems for stabilizers and pocket ventilation are perfectly integrated into the hood frame.

In this way it is possible to reduce the number of components and to optimize internal space.

Control of air flows inside the hood is carefully studied to allow the paper evaporation with the best conditions.

It is possible to manage the regulation of air flows to control the variation of evaporating load on paper machine’s drying section.

The inlet warm air duct is an integrated part of the hood frame.

The suction false ceiling, equipped with regulating dampers, is perfectly inserted into the roof thickness.

Thermo-acoustic insulation is studied to eliminate or minimize thermal transitions, assuring in the meantime a simple disassembling of panels.

On the panel’s side, the thermal transitions has been reduced of 80% respect to a traditional hood.

The perfect integration of suction false ceiling into the roof eliminates the possibility of thermal  losses.

Automatic control of dew-point prevents every air leakage from hood.

Thanks to the insulation from the external environment, it’s possible to maintain the best thermal and hygrometric conditions inside the hood.

In this we can drastically reduct the consumption and the flows of inlet and outlet air. Moreover, it allows a quick economic return of the investment.

All panels are provided of certifications for fire resistance and thermal  and acoustic performance.

The accessibility to the paper machine is very important for our customers; about this, we can offer different solutions:

  1. Lifting doors with large windows on the drive side: when the doors are lifted, there are no obstructions on the machine level.
  2. Doors on heads of machine for walkways, with different levels of thermal performance and safety barrage for the operators.
  3. Sliding doors on transmission side, to reduce obstructions and to clear working areas.
  4. Doors for pulling out fabrics and rolls, configurable depending on the necessities.
  5. All the panels can be disassembled without removing fixing bolts